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Extract from Career Matters April 2022 Issue 10.2


Debbie Dymock RCD Career Guidance Practitioner Picture
Debbie Dymock RCD Career Guidance Practitioner
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Among the hustle and bustle of family life lies a little corner of my home that is my sanctuary – my desk. “Your desk?” I hear some of you ask, “but that means work and since when was work sanctuary?.”

My desk is a place where inspiration hits at the unlikeliest of times. It’s where dreams come true, not just for me but for my clients too. It’s a source of brain-engaging learning, where friendships are nurtured, and networks created. It’s the place that has allowed me to finally find my vocation and discover what I am really good at. I am in charge of me, my work, my time and my destiny.

As career advisers, we impress to our clients about
finding passion in their work and to really think about
what drives and motivates them so why not follow my

It is impossible to give you a ‘Day in the Life of…’ scenario as a Private Practitioner as no two days are the same and that’s the glory of being self-employed. For those who like each day to be different, surfing a risky wave of client bookings, marketing and networking, it really is a great opportunity, but it does come with some serious considerations.

I found myself immersed into this world by pure accident – ‘happenstance’ for those who enjoy a related theory. Having literally just walked out of a new job that promised great things but only left me staring in an abyss, I stumbled across an advert for a career adviser. So, with a background in adult education and employability training, I was offered the role and I set up my own business within 48 hours. Within a few short months, I had built a solid network of clients and a strong social media following but felt I needed more.

Enter stage left – the Career Development Institute Thinking back as I write this, this meeting marked a turn in my professional development; being surrounded by other practitioners, engaging in Zoom meetings to meet 

like-minded people, sharing ideas and best practice. Being part of the most supportive and friendliest business network I have EVER been involved with has given me the confidence to become qualified, gaining RCDP as well as opening other doors of opportunity.

My client base is as diverse as it gets as I potentially have the whole world at my fingertips. Many practitioners choose to specialise, and that’s the joy of developing yourself and your business depending on the market and your experiences. So far, I have worked with adults, graduates, long-term unemployed, over 50s, parents and carers returning to work, neurodiverse and refugees – all of them inspiring and motivating me to develop myself further.

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and cherry blossom. Getting new clients takes time; building your network, learning about marketing, finding your ‘brand’ that identifies you – something that I still struggle with 2.5 years down the line. There’s the need to develop technical skills to support remote delivery, keeping up-to-date with CPD, budgeting and financing and, of course, managing your own wellbeing. Time management skills are vital so you get a good balance of work/CPD/business building/ family/personal time. If anyone has the magic formula to this, please do share it.

Ultimately, the life of a private practitioner is, for me, a
great one and the up moments certainly beat the down
moments. I have made a few mistakes along the way, but these have built me up and made me stronger and while my future is relatively unknown, the journey I face is exciting.

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Reproduced with permission from Career Matters Magazine published by the Careers Development Institute