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About Northamptonshire Careers

At Northamptonshire Careers, we are passionate about working with people and their careers. As an individual, you may be thinking about a career change, looking for that next step up or wanting to find ways to develop your skills or knowledge. If you are part of an organisation, we offer redundancy (outplacement) support or career coaching to assist your colleagues in their career journey.

Whatever career or employment support you are looking for, we are here for you.

Our services can be delivered in person, by telephone or virtually, and tailored to meet your exact needs.
It is essential to find the right career practitioner to meet your requirements and make you feel genuinely supported.

Debbie Dymock is a Registered Career Development Practitioner (RCDP) with the Career Development Institute

Northamptonshire Careers Debbie Dymock

About Me

I launched Northamptonshire Careers in 2019 after years of working in teaching, training, and recruitment. My adult teaching qualification along with my passion for supporting people with their careers has allowed me to work with incredible people and see them grow, develop, and gain increased happiness. It is a privilege to empower them to gain the career success they are seeking.

From inspiring young adults to think about their work or study life to helping adults with all aspects of their job, work and careers possibilities, my mission is to help you get to where you want to be.

With two young children, I understand the challenges that parents face when returning to work after extended parental leave as well as the minefield that is setting up your own business and taking the leap into self-employment. Northamptonshire Careers has quickly grown into a thriving business with a reputation for positivity, empathy, friendliness, and success.

We empower our clients to start their journey to career success with helpful information, great hints and tips, knowledge of the local labour market and confidence-boosting guidance techniques. We recognise barriers and challenges and are passionate about assisting you in overcoming them. We also have access to a network of specialists to who we can refer you for further support guidance if required.

I have a postgraduate diploma in adult education (PGDTLLS), and a QCF Diploma in Career Guidance and Development (Level 6) as well as being a Mental Health First Aider certified by MHFA England. I am a member of the Career Development Institute (CDI), the professional body for career practitioners and continue to grow my knowledge and experience through ongoing personal development and training.

I am a member of and sit on the board of the British Association of CV Writers, my CV writing abilities are assessed and accredited to ensure ongoing professionalism that meets the required standards. Additionally, I am a member of the Institute of Employability Professionals a membership body for employability professionals who are dedicated to supporting the people who support others in gaining work, progressing in work and retaining work.

If you are thinking of using Northamptonshire Careers for yourself, students or colleagues then please do get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements and how best we can support you.

As a Mental Health First Aider, I am able to identify, understand and help people who may be experiencing a mental health issue. I am not a qualified therapist, but I can listen, reassure, and respond to your needs. By recognising the warning signs of mental ill-health, I can empower you to access the support you might need for recovery or successful management of symptoms. This could include self-help books or websites, accessing therapy services through your GP, school or place of work, online self-referral, support groups, and more.

It is essential to find the right career practitioner to meet your requirements and make you feel genuinely supported, so if you think we are not quite the right fit for you, we will be happy to recommend another coaching provider. We base our practice on ethics and collaborative working so if we feel you benefit from someone who is a specialist in a particular field then we will happily make a referral for you.